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The New Articles Index

Articles are listed with the most recently added ones at the top. See the 'Healing Articles' Below as well.

Note: Some of the Articles listed here have not been uploaded yet, and are linked to our other site.

Martial/Self Defence Articles:

    Bagua Dragon Boxing Bagua Snake Boxing
No Touch Knock Outs? The evidence against! Chang Yiu-chun on Iron Shirt. Bagua Bear Boxing: Full Animal Forms: How To SINK
The Importance and Hidden, Secret Meaning of Large San-Sau Bagua Lion Boxing Bagua Monkey Boxing Conversations With Chang Yiu-chun
The Yang Family
12 Secret Rings/Houses: Welcome to your Tai Chi Class:
The Master Teaching Classes The Hidden Healing and Power Meaning of the Bagua Postures Baguazhang's Qi Shaking training Methods.
Baguazhang: The Hidden Meanings Tai Chi's Supreme Balancing Act Tai Chi Qigong, the Ultimate Goal. Small Frame Waving Form
Qi Talks to You More on Waving Form: The Amazing 12 Knife Fighting Forms from Chang Yiu-chun Waving Form and its effect upon health and fighting
Small Frame/Circle Form Internal Power Adjusting the Postures Deer Horn Knives
Dillman & Me How Chang Yiu-chun Taught Self Defence Wudang Spear Wudang Qi Disruption Forms. The Precursor to all Internal Systems.
Yang Shou-hou Broadsword True Fa-jing Giving Up? Your Taiji Training Empty Force?
Da-Lu: The Great Repulse Old yang Style: Scapular A Qigong for All Reasons Unarmed & Deadly
 Yang Lu-ch'an Yang Push Hands: Why?  The 6 Balanced Pairs in The Old Yang Style The Old Yang Style Confirmation
The Nature of the Internal Martial Arts Erle Montaigue, Workshop Report 04/99 Dim-Mak Facts March 1999 Sudden Violence
February 24th 1999
Rules For Fighting: January 1999 Knock Outs Don't Work (December 27th 1998) On Chang Yiu-chun and Erle Montaigue (December 17th 1998) Camp 98 By Eddie Sides
Taijiquan's 13 Postures & Their Meanings Getting In Touch With Your Reptile Brain: Ron Baker Interviews Erle Montaigue The Full George Dillman Article 1989
The Last K.O.  July 1998 Push Hands: An article from 1992 Combat Wrestling 1989 The Deceptive hands Of Baguazhang
Dim-Mak The beginning: The Medical Facts About Dim-Mak  1988. How To Evaluate Your Form Progress: Long har Ch'uan 1989 Dim-Mak Intricacies, 1991
Bare Knuckle Boxing Fads come & Fads Go (Fa-Jing, The Power) The Demise of Taijiquan Death Touch: 1987, published 1988.
Pushing Feet:  1989 Internal Styles & Their Differences:   1990 Wudang, The Original T'ai Chi Taijiquan & Self-Defence 
Biomechanics Of Push Hands  The Erle Montaigue Story The Deadly & Deceptive Hands of Taijiquan The Mind in the Martial Arts
The Classical Styles vs. the Non Classical   Chang Yiu-chun, The last Interview Chang Yiu-chun The Second Article
Chang Yiu-chun, Bits & Pieces The Dim-Mak Applications From The Both Yang Style Taijiquan Forms Taijiquan, The Vital Signs Advanced Push Hands
Supreme First Yang Style Four Articles The Violence Of Taijiquan!
The 5 Stepping Methods of Taiji Erle's Anecdotes The Mighty Bagwa Wooden Man Dim-Mak Applications from Taiji
About ERLE MONTAIGUE -- May 1997 How To Use Taiji & Bagwa For Fighting 1983 Erle Montaigue Study by Tape 35 Weeks in the Erle Montaigue Training System


Note that many of the Healing Articles will cross over into Martial Arts and visa-versa.

  Bagua Snake Boxing Erle's Green Drink & Power Breakfast Revisited. The Hidden Healing and Power Meaning of the Bagua Postures
Wudang Spear The Wrists Have It The Glycaemic Index and what it means to you. Ejaculation & Qi?
The Organ Frequencies Meridian Balancing Massage You cannot Live on Taiji Alone Flax Seed
Dim-Mak Healing Methods: A Qigong for All Reasons Qi Healing Qigong Experiments
Being In Balance: See Internal Gung-fu Vol. 1 The Eight Extra Meridians, A TCM View QIGONG Taijiquan, the greatest qigong!
Chinese Self-Massage Meditation:  1982 The Nine Qi Disruptive Forms/katas & Their Meanings. Qi What is it?
They Search and They Search Baguazhang (Pa-Kua) Healing Erle Montaigue On Four Topics Close To His Heart Natural Progression in
The Subtle Energy Changes Of Yang Cheng-fu Taijiquan Internal Martial Arts/ Medical Taijiquan Exercise & Taijiquan The Five Elements & Their Meanings
GET HEALTHY STAY HEALTHY T'ai Chi Healing You Have The Power, Use It! Information about Moontagu Books
Seven Articles from Way Back Erle's Power Breakfast Taiji healing Water The Healing Properties
Staying Young & Healthy Internal Power Waving Form and its effect upon health and fighting SUNG: Without it you've got nothing!