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How To Attract More Visitors To Your Website With Social Media In 2018!

Marketing through social networks and sites is the use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn to market you or your 7 Figure Cycle Review business, and any kind of business activities in your field to achieve carefully defined marketing objectives

Which social media is best for marketing?
What do you do as a social media marketer?
How much money does a social media marketer make?
What is social media marketing plan?

Social Media Marketing

For marketing through social media: One type of e-marketing refers to the process of gaining visitors to your website or customers to serve you or your product by attracting their attention through social networking sites. This type of marketing focuses on the effort to create content that attracts the attention of readers and encourages them to participate on social networks. In order to reach customers in an e-mail manner without having to continually update or publish content manually.


1. Reach a new segment of customers and expand your customer base

2 – the possibility of direct communication with them

3. Marketing for your Branding brand

4. Increase the number of visitors to your company’s website
– To achieve these goals, a marketing strategy should be developed based on several key points such as:

1 – Prepare a comprehensive and successful marketing plan for your field and analyze the market situation that targets your company as many limited companies have been able to compete better with large companies by:

– Develop a clear and targeted marketing plan for marketing on social networks
– Develop a specific marketing strategy over time
– Study the behavior of your target customers well and know the social network that you can find them on a continuous basis
– Study your competitors well and know how popular they are on social networks.

2 – provide accurate statistical study on the nature of the market and the behavior of users

3 – Marketing through social networks such as:

– FB
– Twitter
– The YouTube
Google Plus
– LinkedIn
– Instagram

4 – marketing through advertisements on social networking sites

5. Marketing through e-mail marketing

You can achieve all these marketing goals at the lowest possible cost

7 Figure Cycle

7 Figure Cycle

Dealing with site visitors

How to deal with your visitors and how to turn your visitor into a constant visitor or visitor to your site

The first step in selling a product over the Internet or in providing services and information through websites is to get people to the site to see the goods or information they are looking for. Of course, improving the site in the results of the search engines and appearing in the advanced results comes to you visitors but the search engine does not Can force visitors to continue to browse your 7 Figure Cycle Review site or to buy goods from your site or take advantage of the information you provide so make sure you are displaying a good or service required or information sought by people and interested in them and display them well and provide them with correct and sufficient information For the product or service provided by your site and if you happen to sell a product through your site, provide all the necessary information about this product by placing links linked to pages with information about the product sold so that the customer can move within your site and get all the information necessary about the service or The goods you bought understand your target customers

Try to be close to your customers and visitors to your site and try to understand their way of thinking and tendencies and their opinion on your service or your site

Try to find out what is your favorite location?

Try to find out what they do not like about your site?

Try to make offers and discounts from time to time and feel their reaction and make sure that the design of the site priorities to deal with visitors to your site

Search for answers to the following questions:

Is your commodity cheaper than the other two?

Do you respond quickly to their inquiries and requests?

Do you describe your product or service correctly and adequately?

Do you seek to achieve better service from time to time?

Do you know the age of your customers or visitors?

Do you know their nationalities?

Clients and visitors to your site Are they women or men?

Does your site give you all the information you need?

When you sell a product through your Bitcoin Code site, customers can buy it 24 hours a day. Visitors are often from different countries and may separate you from them, miles and miles.

So try to provide the site visitors with all the different means that can contact you through it, and make that information in front of them in all the pages within your site, it is possible while one of the purchase process is facing problems or wants to know certain information before the completion of the purchase, make it able to reach you At what time